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THE FAMILY CLOSET "2018" Consignment Policy

8335 Court Ave ~ Hamlin, WV 25523 ~ 304.945.7797 ~ Owner ~ Amy Poteat
Welcome! Here is how it works: When you bring your items in, we will select what we believe our customers will have interest in. Sometimes there will be items we cannot accept. Please understand that our customers preferences must be our selection guidelines. We base prices on condition, brand, style, and demand and will get the best possible price for you. All prices and reductions are done at the sole discretion of The Family Closet. We reserve the right to run sales and promotions on consigned items.  

1.      The Consignor and The Family Closet enter into this agreement where the Consignor distributes, and The Family Closet accepts the consigned items. The Family Closet shall exercise reasonable care for all consigned items which remain the sole property of the Consignor until the contract terminates.  

2.      Consignors shall receive 50% of the total sale amount of items to be paid once a month for 3 months 

3.      All monies owed to the Consignor will be distributed in the form of a check. The Consignor also has the option to use available funds as in store credit anytime throughout the contract period if it is available through sales. The Consignor must consent to add others for funds/consignment pickup on each account.   

4.      After the 90 day consignment period, the Consignor is responsible for pulling and bagging unsold items at no cost to The Family Closet. The Consignor has 15 days after the end of their 90 day contract period to pick up remaining, unsold items from The Family Closet; after which all consigned items left will become the sole property of The Family Closet. Furthermore, all funds must be picked up within 30 days of the contract end for each account. If the consignor fails to pick up a check within 30 days of account closure, an additional 30 days of in store credit will be allowed. Using available credit or failure to pick up funds within 60 days of each account end will result in forfeiture by the Consignor.

5.      If a Consignor brings in items after their original contract has been signed, a new account number will be given and the Consignor will receive an additional 90 day period to sell those items.  

6.      If a Consignor should choose to retrieve any consigned item before the 90 day contract period is up, a fee of up to $10.00 will be charged to offset the cost of time and materials used to stock and advertise the Consignor’s item(s). You must leave all items for 90 days to avoid this fee.  

7.      The Family Closet recommends that the Consignor assign prices for specialty items – this can be done by placing a small piece of tape or a sticker with the price that YOU want for your item(s). The Family Closet will consider this before pricing accordingly. If you choose, The Family Closet will gladly price your items based popularity and demand. We reserve the right to run sales and promotions and to raise and lower prices based on current economic and/or competitive selling conditions. 

8.  Items for consignment must be presented in clean bags, bins, baskets, or boxes. All items consigned must be in season and in good condition. They must be clean, washed, folded and without holes and stains. Additionally, if you present items that have animal hair, unpleasant odors including cigarette smoke, are unclean, over worn, are out of style or out of season, we will dispose of these items immediately or heavily reduce the price – furthermore, you are not likely to receive credit for these items. If The Family Closet decides to keep the items but must wash them, you will receive no credit for the item(s). Furthermore, we will not contact you before disposing of these items. Do not bring in clothing that has yard/garage sale/storage odors. DO NOT bring in items that are wet, mildewed, or have ANY visible neglect. Furthermore, we cannot accept items in which the style is greater than 10, and occasionally even 5, years old - these items will be donated.

9.  The Consignor shall not bring in any items that do not belong to him/her without the appropriate permissions. If there is a question as to ownership of a consigned item, credit will not be given until ownership of the consigned item is clear. No contracts for minors are allowed.  

10.  Consignors must keep a log of items consigned if they wish to have one. Furthermore, invoices and tax records are the responsibility of the consignor, not The Family Closet. We keep a broad, general invoice sheet as a record of our sales. At the end of your contract period, you may obtain a copy. 

11.  The risk of unintentional loss or damage of ANY consigned item shall be the burden of the Consignor. The Family Closet is not liable to the Consignor with respect to damages, theft, and/or violations that may occur to consigned items. Please insure your items at your own cost. No compensation or replacement shall be the responsibility of The Family Closet.   

12.  We cautiously accept items that may easily cause injury such as weapons, guns, knives, hunting items, etc.. Furthermore, items that are difficult to regulate are accepted only under certain conditions. These may include belts, socks, small toys, ties, etc. – please note that these items may be donated* Also, any item with a questionable sanitation such as used undergarments are NOT accepted. However, used bras and bathing apparel in excellent condition is accepted.   

13.  The Family Closet reserves the right to accept or decline any item at any time.   

14.  Items accepted for consignment will typically be put out within 2 business days. However, some bulk items and/or large consignment amounts may take up to 2 weeks to be completed. Contracts will begin when the last of the Consignors items have been placed out for sale. Should the consignor bring in a large amount of items, please understand that The Family Closet may require additional time to prepare.  

15.  The Family Closet has a minimum consigning price of $3.00 for clothing and household items must be worth at least $5.00 for it to be worth the time and effort to tag, distribute, and log these items. Please note that if your items do not follow these guidelines, they will be donated, and no credit given.   

16.  We do not typically sort items at our counter when the Consignor brings them in. Make sure items follow our requirements before dropping off. However, if you have a few questionable items, we will quickly do our best to give you an idea as to whether we can accept them. The Family Closet will gladly return any item to the consignor that we cannot use unless donation is requested.  

17.  You must bring ID with you when picking up funds, using credit, or retrieving items pertaining to your contract; unless we are personally familiar with you and your contract/contact information.                                  

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